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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fat Loss Factor Review Points

Getting started with the Fat Loss Factor Diet takes on one of the most common hindrances to losing body fat. There are chemicals and toxins all around us in our environment and in our foods.  Those toxins are stored in our body in our fat cells. If you want to lose the fat then you need to get rid of the toxins stored in those fat cells. Then you need to learn how to eat healthy and live healthy. Most of us just don't do it. Most people simply don't know how.

  • There are different options on this diet: There are 2 weeks of  natural foods in the 1st phase.  Some of the foods that you are not to eat on this phase may surprise you. Many people are eating what they have been told is healthy food but these so called healthy foods are really keeping them fat.  This simple 2 week plan helps to reset your body and get it ready to burn lots of fat. ..
  • Completely optional in phase two is a 3 to 10 day cleanse. This cleanse helps you to get rid of toxins. Workouts should be very gentle during the cleanse if at all.  The Master Cleanse is for giving your body a rest so you don't want to overdo it.   Even though the cleanse is optional,  5 to 8 pound losses have been reported for this phase.
  • The 3rd phase is a delightful Smoothie phase or if you choose you can move on to the Lifestyle Un-Diet.  The whole program regardless of the phases you choose for yourself are designed to bring your body back into a healthy balance. 
  • When you have removed the toxins from your body and your liver and other organs are able to function properly you will feel so much better and your fat loss efforts will be easier to achieve.
  • The Fat Loss Factor comes across to me as being a very different way to lose weight than most of the programs out there.  Instead of starting off counting calories, carbs, or fat, you eat specific types of foods for two weeks.  Then you follow one of three different options in the sequence that works best for you and your health conditions.
Workouts are given for men,women, at home for men, at home for women and even special instructions for those who are over the age of 45. If you can follow directions and apply the principles of this plan then you should be able to lose weight. 

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