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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Losing Weight With an Injury

Nearly every diet or exercise program that you begin comes with instructions to check with your doctor first to be sure that you are physically able to do that program. Most people who consider themselves healthy ignore that warning. Please don't.

Sometimes you have problems of which you are not even aware. I did ignore the warning. I did have an unknown problem. I now am recovering from an injury. Unknown to me some bone spurs had developed under my kneecap. That is another way of saying that I have Arthritis. Even though supplementation had kept plenty of cartilage in there those bone spurs can wreak havoc if you try to do any high impact aerobics.

After losing 12 pounds on The Biggest Loser Diet and doing some moderate exercises, I decided to kick it up a bit.
Instead I went backwards. Check with your doctor before doing anything different with your diet or exercise program, please!  High impact aerobics are for the very young, not for middle aged and older adults.

Fortunately, I now know my limitations and what I can and can't do.  The temporary setback on my weight loss was indeed, temporary. By following my diet I continued to lose even when I was sitting around "resting" my knee. Total weight lost so far is 20 pounds.

I always wondered if the weight lost on The Biggest Loser TV program was just because of the heavy exercise that they do. Now it is apparent that the healthy diet that they follow is a major component of the whole program. Let us face it. We all need to exercise to become physically fit. We do not need to spend 8 hours a day doing it. Most of us couldn't anyway.

When we have an injury it is important to not re-injure ourselves. There are many exercises that can be done even sitting in a chair. Being active and using the muscles that are not injured helps to keep us healthy. As our injuries heal we can begin using those muscles as well with our doctors approval and this will also help us to avoid injury in the future.

If you have some disability, don't make the assumption that you cannot exercise. Talk with your doctor and see what kind of activity is safe for you to do. Then get active. you will thank yourself for it.
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