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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tips to Lose Weight

James Hetfield.OK, so you need to drop body fat and you are looking for all the tips you can get. Here is one big one. Don't drop your calories too low. Why not? If you do then you will also lower your metabolism making it almost impossible to lose those extra pounds or drop any body fat.

Weight loss = burning more calories than you consume and that means keeping your metabolism up so that you actually burn those calories instead of storing them. If you eat too few calories then your body will think that a famine is present and will conserve all that it can. So eat just under what you need for your activity level.    Image via Wikipedia

Another way to fool your metabolism is in the way you eat. You can alternate your eating patterns from day to day to keep your body guessing. You can safely lower your calories for a day or two without going into "starvation mode" as long as you up them to a little more than normal for a day. There is even a way that you can   drop body fat   vwhile still eating your favorite foods. Of course there is a specific way to do that so that you lose weight and not gain.
Losing Weight Quickly means that you must combine exercise and diet. Yes, you probably can lose with just diet or with just exercise (if it is intensive) but that would be much slower. In the long run what you want is to be healthier, not just get rid of that flab that may be embarrassing you.

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