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Monday, February 15, 2010

Do You Have a Lot of Weight to Lose?

I recently met a lady who used to weigh over 600 pounds. She now weighs 210. How did she lose so much weight? The answer may surprise you. Did she go on a strict diet? No she did not. She ate sensibly but nothing extreme. Did she have weight loss surgery? No, not that either. But she did have knee replacement surgery and had to walk as therapy. And walk she did. She did not want that knee to "freeze up" and become unusable. Of course, she started out slow. After surgery, you first have to learn to walk with the help of a walker before you can go it alone. But then, she gradually built up to walking three miles....three times a day.
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Can you lose weight by walking? Sure you can if you use good common sense. If you load up on Ice cream, cake, pastries, sodas, chips and the like then you will find that you don't even have the strength or energy to do that extra walking. Be sensible and look for good nutrition in your foods and eat treats only
as  o c c a s i o n a l  treats.

Most of the weight loss programs out there will plainly tell you that exercise will produce better results than diet alone. Many people believe that they are too unfit to safely exercise.

The key is to start slowly with your doctor's blessing and gradually build up as you are able. Your exercise ability may only start out as sitting in your chair exercising each limb one at a time. Then get up and walk as far as you are able to walk. The next day, take it a little further. Never say that you can't! There is always something that you can do. Do that and then add some more.

Your problem is not your weight. Your problem is your mind set. Correct your mindset then you can correct your weight. Walking can do wonders for your attitude as well as for your physic. Do you love yourself? If you look deep inside you may find that you don't. Your only comfort may be food.

How long does that comfort last? There are many ways to correct your mindset. Work on that as you start to move around as much as you are able.

The lady whom I mentioned at the start may not have had a great mindset while she was gaining that weight. However, she found a worthwhile purpose and corrected that mindset. She lost her weight and you can too. Think about it then get to working on it. My best wishes to you.

You CAN do it.
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