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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fat Loss Secret

There may be a Fat loss secret that you have not considered. Most people blame their inability to lose weight on either poor food choices or lack of exercises. However, when one sincerely tries to lose weight by doing what seems to be all the right things yet still fails; there may be another culprit.

Enter the function of your liver. Are you surprised that this may have anything to do with your weight loss efforts? Let us take a look at just what your liver does for you. First of all it removes toxins from your blood such as medicinal and nutritional byproducts such as ammonia. The bile that enables your body to break down fats and absorb fat and water soluble nutrients comes from the liver.

Your liver has a part in regulating glucose or blood sugar, insulin, and hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Your liver is also responsible for the production and removal of cholesterol. When you take cholesterol medicine it is filtered through the liver. Also Tylenol products and alcohol are filtered through the liver and can be very harmful to it.

The fact is that just about everything that you consume must be filtered by your liver. Sometimes when it is overworked you can have a buildup of toxins that it has difficulty removing. This causes inflammation that is associated with a whole host of problems including obesity. When your liver is stressed it can cause a buildup of fat right around your middle.

Other problems that a stressed out liver can cause are feelings of tiredness, brain fog, skin rashes, insomnia, indigestion including bloating and/or constipation, food cravings and more.

So what on earth is a person to do if they think this may be the cause? First of all talk with your doctor and see if he thinks that a liver function test is appropriate. There are other tests that he also might want to do such as a CAT scan or an MRI. Those tests would allow your physician to get a good look at your internal organs.

Your doctor will let you know if any medications are needed to be added or removed. In the meantime it is a good idea to simply live a life that takes good care of all your body parts. Try to remove all excesses from your life. If you drink, then make it minimal so as not to overwork your liver. If you smoke then stop. Eat for good health and don't forget to get in daily exercise as well.

Unfortunately some people will not take care of themselves until so much damage has been done that their health will never be the same. Don't let that be you. Don't let an overuse of drugs or alcohol cut your life short.

If an overstressed liver is making it difficult for you to lose weight then it is definitely time to take action. You can make your life better with clean eating, clean living, and moderation in all things. As you take better care of your health you should find that it also becomes easier for you to lose that excess weight too. 

When do you start? There is no better time than right now.  Every day that you delay may make it that much more difficult. Start now.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fat Loss Factor Review Points

Getting started with the Fat Loss Factor Diet takes on one of the most common hindrances to losing body fat. There are chemicals and toxins all around us in our environment and in our foods.  Those toxins are stored in our body in our fat cells. If you want to lose the fat then you need to get rid of the toxins stored in those fat cells. Then you need to learn how to eat healthy and live healthy. Most of us just don't do it.
Most people simply don't know how.

  • There are different options on this diet. There are 2 weeks of  natural foods in the 1st phase.  Some of the foods that you are not to eat on this phase may surprise you. Many people are eating what they have been told is healthy food but these so called healthy foods are really keeping them fat.  This simple 2 week plan helps to reset your body and get it ready to burn lots of fat. ..
  • Completely optional in phase two is a 3 to 10 day cleanse. This cleanse helps you to get rid of toxins. Workouts should be very gentle during the cleanse if at all.  The Master Cleanse is for giving your body a rest so you don't want to overdo it.   Even though the cleanse is optional,  5 to 8 pound losses have been reported for this phase.
  • The 3rd phase is a delightful Smoothie phase or if you choose you can move on to the Lifestyle Un-Diet.  The whole program regardless of the phases you choose for yourself are designed to bring your body back into a healthy balance. 
  • When you have removed the toxins from your body and your liver and other organs are able to function properly you will feel so much better and your fat loss efforts will be easier to achieve.
  • The Fat Loss Factor comes across to me as being a very different way to lose weight than most of the programs out there.  Instead of starting off counting calories, carbs, or fat, you eat specific types of foods for two weeks.  Then you follow one of three different options in the sequence that works best for you and your health conditions.
Workouts are given for men,women, at home for men, at home for women and even special instructions for those who are over the age of 45. If you can follow directions and apply the principles of this plan then you should be able to lose weight. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Season for Biggest Loser

Now that the new season for the Biggest Loser has begun, we should all start hearing about people who are trying to lose weight along  with the contestants.  The Biggest Loser is best known for helping people to drop body fat fast or as this blog suggests, very quickly.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand to help the contestants do that. Although you can lose weight through dieting alone you can drop body fat much quicker when you also do the exercises. One thing that a lot of lay people neglect to do is to follow the disclaimer to check with your physician first. Failing to do this can cause serious injury.  You don't want that.

The trainers are very good at teaching proper methods of diet and exercise.  Bob Harper is back this season along with a couple  of new trainers. It will be fun watching each of them employ their individual methods.Robert Image via Wikipedia

 To lose weight quickly and then pile the pounds back on is very unhealthy.  It is always better to lose at a pace that you can handle over the long term.  Changing your everyday habits can take some time but it usually pays off much better.

If you follow the Biggest Loser at home remember to do the things that help you to be healthy in the long run, not just short term rapid weight loss.

Check with  your doctor to be sure that the diet and exercises that are used on the show will be ok for you to use as well.  You will thank yourself for doing it.

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